30. 06. 2012

Erin Stone / Photographer

Erin Stone's work may give you a subtle chill. Her series, “Returning”, evokes an eerie feeling — one you might get when you’re alone in your house and you hear a voice.

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15. 06. 2012

Melanie Crosgrove / Painter, Stencilist, Illustrator

It takes a long time for an artist to find her voice. Years of trial and error, experimentation, formal education and method contribute to a developed sense of personal style.

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24. 05. 2012

Workshop Nights

“We come together to find mutual support, encouragement, and inspiration, to share the joys as well as the disappointments, the rejections as well as the triumphs.” – Peter Clothier on artists’ groups, 'Persist'

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24. 04. 2012

From the Editor

The goal of Killer Creatives is to stir you to stay inspired, be productive and push yourself to your highest potential.

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