09. 11. 2012

Amanda Victoria Moore / Actress

The star of “Jealous Guys” talks about leaving a steady income to follow her dreams, the importance of indie filmmaking and collaborating with like-minded filmmakers.

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07. 11. 2012

Read Now: “Persist” by Peter Clothier

This book is a godsend if you struggle with the throes of a starving-artist lifestyle. Peter Clothier’s insight will reinforce your will (and need) to pursue a career in the arts.

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02. 11. 2012

10 Killer Art Sites

Every now and then we’ll share our favorite sources of inspiration. Here are some awesome art websites, blogs and communities we love.

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22. 10. 2012
Photo by Bil Zelman at KCRW

Roko Belic / Filmmaker

The director of "Happy" tells us about the trials and tribulations of filmmaking, the pursuit of happiness, and how a 7-year-old Christopher Nolan influenced the start of his film career.

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13. 10. 2012

The Five Pillars of Discipline

Like all things worth having, achieving your goals means putting in the time and effort -- ultimately you’ll end up with what you’ve invested. A common analogy experts use to demonstrate the effects of discipline is body building -- so work up your discipline muscles!

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26. 09. 2012
Self Portrait by Nate Hassler

Nate Hassler / Photographer

Nate Hassler is a second-generation professional photographer and is the Associate Editor for Super Street Magazine. He shares his thoughts on being raised by artists, the value of art school and staying afloat in the economy.

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26. 08. 2012

Adam Glass / Writer

“Writers live in their heads,” Adam says. “Eventually you have to come out and participate in everyday life, because that’s where you become a great writer — by your experiences.”

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15. 08. 2012

10 Ways to Stay Inspired

For some of us creatives, it’s not easy getting motivated for a project. Here are 10 ideas to help you along your creative process.

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12. 07. 2012
Self Portrait by Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller / Tattoo and Fine Artist

Artist Cameron Miller’s work ethic is frighteningly diligent. When it comes to his craft, he has the discipline of a Samurai.

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