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On 24 April 2012 by Alisa Damaso

On top of the brutal business of a creative career, the recession keeps many young artists from their big break. Art dealers aren’t necessarily in pursuit of the next Basquiat and Hollywood isn’t scrambling for fresh newcomers anymore — it’s too financially risky these days.

Many of us struggling creatives have had to boomerang back to our parents for help, and a number of us haven’t even left home yet. College grads are faced with crippling debt almost immediately after graduation, not to mention unable to find stable jobs remotely within their fields. The cost of education climbs every year, and as a result, many of us aren’t finishing school. We’re pressured into making career changes and veered into a steady income working irrelevant day jobs in order for our bills (and student loans) to be paid on time. We understand the work ethic involved in practical survival, but staying inspired feeds our personal development and sanity.

It’s easy to get down on yourself when it seems like there’s no appreciation for creative people these days, but the recession has encouraged some of the most cutting-edge and passionate artwork and innovations in decades. Our goal is to snap you out of your doldrums and stir you to stay inspired, be productive and push yourself to your highest potential. We want you to make time for the things and activities that make you happy while developing your skills, effectively promoting yourself, and learning to be successful in your own right.

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Keep the fire burning,
Alisa Damaso
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Alisa Damaso

Alisa Damaso is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer based
in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys the magic of the outdoors,
watching campy horror movies, and singing songs about food getting
stuck in her teeth. Her hand is married to a pencil and she never leaves
the house without a sketchbook.

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