26. 08. 2015
Nadia Duvall, artista e cientista. Projecto "Skin" com tintas que se transformam em membrana. Fevereiro 2011 Foto: Jose Carlos Carvalho

Nádia Duvall / Artist

Experimental artist Nádia Duvall’s work is eerie and other-worldly. She combines her love of science and abstract artistic expression in mesmerizing performances involving a pool of water and a buoyant chemical concoction of ink she developed called “skin”. In this feature, she talks about forging a path of her own, her unique process, and her evolution as an artist.

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06. 08. 2015

Quentin “Shplinton” Thomas / Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Los Angeles-based artist Quentin Thomas talks about working in different spaces, putting in the time to work on your craft, and moving your abilities forward. He says, "The time is there if you want it to be."

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13. 07. 2015

Irene Carvajal / Artist

Much of Irene Carvajal’s work encourages deeper inspection of everyday items like clothing. The pieces call out the sociopolitical, cultural and economic side of manufactured goods. In this feature, she talks about her process, challenges, and the importance of resilience.

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06. 07. 2015

Tanna Tucker / Artist, Illustrator

San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Tanna Tucker’s characters resemble bad-ass legendary heroines from fantastical worlds. Tucker’s pieces combine her interests in folklore, African diaspora, and race and gender representation in art and comics. She talks about the importance of online art communities, developing deep technical skills, and taking breaks outdoors.

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01. 05. 2015
Self-portrait by Sarah Catface

Sarah Catface / Illustrator, Artist

Sarah MG pulls her inspiration from everyday life, her beautiful friends and the women who inspire her. The Denver, Colorado-based artist's characters are intriguing and sensual. Aloof, in their own worlds. The third eye is a common theme among these voluptuous creatures, possibly because they see beyond the physical world. They’re living life to the beat of their own drum: sleeping in, dancing solo, lost in existential contemplation, wondering how to get back to the cosmos.

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27. 04. 2015

Rachel Frankel / Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Sometimes when you’re pushed to the edge, the only thing you can do is take the plunge. And that’s exactly what Oakland-based artist Rachel Frankel did after a frustrating stint at an ad agency. She saved some money, quit her day job, and studied Graphic Design on her own. A year later, she’s making a living doing what she loves.

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13. 03. 2015

Jacquie Schlender of Bird Black / Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Melbourne-based illustrator and graphic designer Jacqueline Schlender’s work, branded Bird Black, is attentively detailed, meticulously researched, and bewitchingly mystical. Her paintings and illustrations send the viewer to another world where they’re embraced by mythological creatures and goddess-like figures draped in soft saturation levels and sometimes accompanied by uplifting idioms.

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29. 01. 2015

Megan Leppla / Art Educator

San Francisco-based artist Megan Leppla is an all-around creative who’s taught at various museums and has led different educational art programs for young learners. Now she’s amidst her new adventure as a high school art teacher and is working to integrate the arts into other disciplines.

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18. 11. 2014
Mariel Bayona

Mariel Bayona / Traditional Artist

San Francisco-based artist Mariel Bayona grew up in between the border of Juárez and El Paso, right in the middle of Mexican and American cultures. She never felt like she belonged in either space, and this in-betweenness would determine her latest work: massive pen and ink drawings of hybrid monsters.

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