30. 10. 2014

7 Art Docs That Kick Creative Block

There’s no doubt that artists inspire other artists. It’s a beautiful chain reaction that keeps the world spinning. So whenever I hit a creative block, I seek help from my fellow art makers. Below are seven art documentaries that may help kick your creative block. So get the popcorn and art supplies out and get ready to be inspired!

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31. 07. 2014
Photo by Alisa Damaso

Top 5 Tips for Newbie Freelancers

While forging a career path from scratch is a noble pursuit, it’s not without its struggles. However, the pros still outweigh the cons. Freelance writer Jessica Jones shares her five top tips for new freelancers.

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21. 10. 2013
Phonebloks open

Phonebloks could be your next phone

Designer Dave Hakkens addresses the problem of wasteful technology with this personalized modular phone.

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11. 09. 2013
Photo by Nicolas Vallejos Photography & Design

Killer Entrepreneurs

Future founders, this one’s for you. These creative business owners share stories, advice, and what they did to reach success. Get ready to be inspired!

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15. 03. 2013

Artists: Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Really!

We asked a few creatives what it’s like to balance the life that feeds their souls with the one that eats them. Juuuuust kidding! Day jobs are awesome! Find out why.

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24. 01. 2013
Mc Baldassari

Killer Freelancers

We asked five creative freelancers about art school, working with clients, and what it's like to make a living doing what you love. Budding independent illustrators, designers, writers and photographers -- read on!

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07. 12. 2012
Alisa Damaso Self-portrait. Writing in Florence, Italy. 2008

10 Killer Resources for Writers

Are you a wordsmith out of ideas or in need of a refresher course? Fret not. Here are some awesome online resources to spark your imagination and improve your writing. Make room in your bookmarks folder; you’ll want to save these links.

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02. 11. 2012

10 Killer Art Sites

Every now and then we’ll share our favorite sources of inspiration. Here are some awesome art websites, blogs and communities we love.

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13. 10. 2012

The Five Pillars of Discipline

Like all things worth having, achieving your goals means putting in the time and effort -- ultimately you’ll end up with what you’ve invested. A common analogy experts use to demonstrate the effects of discipline is body building -- so work up your discipline muscles!

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