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Alisa Damaso

Alisa Damaso is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer based
in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys the magic of the outdoors,
watching campy horror movies, and singing songs about food getting
stuck in her teeth. Her hand is married to a pencil and she never
leaves the house without a sketchbook.

Follow her on Instagram at @alisadamaso and on Twitter at




jessica jonesJessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a California native. Her interest in expressive
storytelling and quirky characters led to academic and professional
pursuits of writing and acting. By day, she’s a public relations and
social media consultant. In her spare time she rescues cats, writes
her sitcom and films beauty tutorials.

Follow her on Twitter at @jessiemachete and on Pinterest at

Richie Zamora

Richie Zamora

Richie Zamora is a Los Angeles-based writer of fiction and non-fiction.
He is interested in the world of art, comics, film, literature, baseball,
technology, and video games, along with the unusual habits of his two
roommates who also happen to be cats.’
Follow him on Twitter at @teamzamora

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