26. 08. 2015
Nadia Duvall, artista e cientista. Projecto "Skin" com tintas que se transformam em membrana. Fevereiro 2011 Foto: Jose Carlos Carvalho

Nádia Duvall / Artist

Experimental artist Nádia Duvall’s work is eerie and other-worldly. She combines her love of science and abstract artistic expression in mesmerizing performances involving a pool of water and a buoyant chemical concoction of ink she developed called “skin”. In this feature, she talks about forging a path of her own, her unique process, and her evolution as an artist.

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06. 08. 2015

Quentin “Shplinton” Thomas / Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Los Angeles-based artist Quentin Thomas talks about working in different spaces, putting in the time to work on your craft, and moving your abilities forward. He says, "The time is there if you want it to be."

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