27. 07. 2015

Read Now: The Artist’s Way at Work

If you’re a creative with a full-time job and want to get back that special spark, I recommend reading The Artist’s Way at Work and doing the assignments to guide you through your creative emergence.

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13. 07. 2015

Irene Carvajal / Artist

Much of Irene Carvajal’s work encourages deeper inspection of everyday items like clothing. The pieces call out the sociopolitical, cultural and economic side of manufactured goods. In this feature, she talks about her process, challenges, and the importance of resilience.

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06. 07. 2015

Tanna Tucker / Artist, Illustrator

San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Tanna Tucker’s characters resemble bad-ass legendary heroines from fantastical worlds. Tucker’s pieces combine her interests in folklore, African diaspora, and race and gender representation in art and comics. She talks about the importance of online art communities, developing deep technical skills, and taking breaks outdoors.

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