30. 03. 2015

Improving Your Marketable Skills

If you’re currently looking for a job, this is a great opportunity for you to develop and build on your professional skill set. You don’t have to go back to school to do it, either. Here are some ways to improve your abilities to increase your marketability, confidence, and your income.

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25. 03. 2015

The Flow of Letting Go

For some, creative expression is a religious experience. "The beauty of The Artist’s Way is that regardless of our individual spiritual leanings, we all recognize on some level that our creativity flows from a universal source," Jessica Jones writes. In her 5th installment of The Artist's Way course, Jessica shares how in order to get to that sacred space, she's making changes to make way for her reemergence not only as an artist, but as an individual.

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23. 03. 2015

Tips for your career switch

We live in a time where we have options. You can do anything you want to for a living, if you put in the time and effort to make it happen. The most important question you can ask yourself is, Am I happy? If you’re ready to take a leap into a new career, here are some tips to help you land.

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16. 03. 2015

The Power of Breaking Down Boxes

Week 3 of The Artist’s Way was about Recovering a Sense of Power, and it transported me to a time when I didn’t know that boxes existed. Boxes aren’t just something that happen to us. They are something that we put ourselves in. True, everyone loves a good box. It makes us feel safe to have everything neat and orderly, but as artists we’re made of much messier stuff. We’re not meant to live in boxes, we’re meant to tear them down.

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13. 03. 2015

Jacquie Schlender of Bird Black / Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Melbourne-based illustrator and graphic designer Jacqueline Schlender’s work, branded Bird Black, is attentively detailed, meticulously researched, and bewitchingly mystical. Her paintings and illustrations send the viewer to another world where they’re embraced by mythological creatures and goddess-like figures draped in soft saturation levels and sometimes accompanied by uplifting idioms.

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09. 03. 2015

A Case of the Crazymakers

In her reflection of Week 2 of The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Creativity, writer Jessica Jones realizes that despite the elements dampening her creative spark, she must clear the way for herself in order to unravel her dormant Child Artist.

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06. 03. 2015

Read Now: Build Your Dreams by Alexis Irvin & Chip Hiden

To coincide with our series of reflections on The Artist's Way, we’d also like to suggest another exercise-based book called Build Your Dreams: How To Make A Living Doing What You Love by Alexis Irvin and Chip Hiden. Not sure where your career should go? Get this book.

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02. 03. 2015

Of Monsters and Champions: Let the Affirming Begin!

In the second installment of writer Jessica Jones' reflections of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, Jones starts her first week of the course by facing her Monsters and uncovering her Champions.

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