21. 11. 2012

Derek Harrison / Fine Artist

A common misconception is that making art is an innate ability that can’t be learned, and some artists even believe a lack of skill adds to their style. But for Derek Harrison, formal training is vital if you want to excel in the arts.

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16. 11. 2012

Vincent Gargiulo / Filmmaker

The director of “The Muppetless Movie” and “KNFR From 7:00-7:30” has an uncontrollable urge to make movies, and it’s earning him rising Internet success. TV stars even tweet about him.

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14. 11. 2012

Chelsea Martin / Writer, Artist

This Oakland-based creative emerged from art school a published writer and illustrator, and it started with a fan letter.

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09. 11. 2012

Amanda Victoria Moore / Actress

The star of “Jealous Guys” talks about leaving a steady income to follow her dreams, the importance of indie filmmaking and collaborating with like-minded filmmakers.

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07. 11. 2012

Read Now: “Persist” by Peter Clothier

This book is a godsend if you struggle with the throes of a starving-artist lifestyle. Peter Clothier’s insight will reinforce your will (and need) to pursue a career in the arts.

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02. 11. 2012

10 Killer Art Sites

Every now and then we’ll share our favorite sources of inspiration. Here are some awesome art websites, blogs and communities we love.

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