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On 2 November 2012 by Alisa Damaso

Every now and then we’ll share our favorite sources of inspiration. Besides the uber popular deviantART and Flickr, here are some awesome art websites, blogs and communities we love:

Hisashi Saito, 1980 via 50 Watts


1. 50 Watts

Curated by Will Schofield and praised by David Pearson and Patti Smith, the popular 50 Watts is lush with bibliographic designs and illustrations guaranteed to keep you awed and inspired for hours. Schofield shares engaging and obscure vintage book covers, either from his massive international book collection or from other various sources. These fascinating images track the history of book design for decades. Artists and bibliophiles, it’d be a crime not to browse this blog.


2. The Fox Is Black

Offering wide-ranging content related to art, design, film, culture and music, The Fox Is Black was named Best Highbrow Arts Blog in Los Angeles by L.A. Weekly. The site even provides a weekly free desktop background created by some of the best illustrators, designers and photographers across the globe.


3. Doodlers Anonymous

Initially created to provide solace to doodling addicts, Doodlers Anonymous features creations sketched, drawn and scribbled on various surfaces using all kinds of media. As the site moderators describe, it’s a “permanent home for spontaneous art.” Doodlers Anonymous has a killer blog, artist spotlights and contests to keep your creative spark burning.


4. Dribbble

Designers, illustrators and other visual artists post their in-progress works on Dribbble for feedback from peers. Membership is by invite only, but you can sign up as a spectator to favorite screenshots and follow artists. For those lucky enough to get a membership, $20 a year will measure your click-through rates, get you a “Hire Me” button and people can Like and comment on your work. Dribbble is a great community for brainstorming, critiquing and creative stimulation.



FFFFOUND! is an image bookmarking service like Tumblr, and your feed’s populated by content similar to your likes. There’s tons of cool, obscure, creative and hilarious gems here, but membership is by invitation only. Upside is the uninitiated can still browse top posts, although it’s more like image roulette. Downside is lack of descriptions, so consider using Google Images to do more research (click the camera icon in the search bar).


6. Art House Co-op

You may have heard of this Brooklyn-based independent company through its world-famous Sketchbook Project. The Art House Co-op brings together artists from around the world through collaborative art projects, exhibiting the work online and in galleries. Anyone can participate in the projects, but there’s usually a limit (typically capped at 1,000 people) and an entrance fee. Regardless, joining this active art community is a rad way to stay busy and inspired!


7. But Does It Float

But Does It Float is a delicious mixed bag of illustration, photography, sculpture, fine art and more.  With endless scrolling, it’s easy to get lost in the black hole of creative output. Try clicking the 3×3 square icon on the right for random browsing and boundless inspiration.


8. Drawn

Sure, this blog features hand-drawn creations, but it’s more than merely that. Drawn’s 10 contributors find and post awesome images to inspire those interested in illustration, animation, cartooning and comic art. Viewers can even submit their own work or suggest resources to the site moderators to be considered for posting.


9. The Best Designs

Pretty self-explanatory. The Best Designs features stand-out web design from all over the world, with new submissions each day. Out of thousands of submissions, only the most impressive websites get recognized — and with around a million hits a month from designers, developers and other web professionals, that’s not too shabby for some free exposure.


10. Wooster Collective

Named after Wooster St. of SoHo in New York City, Wooster Collective has over 100 categories to browse through. However, the main theme here is street art. Whether thought-provoking, political, humorous or tongue-in-cheek, the projects shared here are — for lack of a better word — awesome. What makes this site great isn’t only Marc and Sara Schiller’s great finds, but there are also podcasts with tunes and interviews with street artists.


Know of any other great art websites, blogs or communities? Share them in the comments below!

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