27. 05. 2015

The Stream of Surrender: An Artist’s Way Epilogue

In Jessica Jones' last installment of reflecting on her journey with Julia Cameron's The Artist Way course, she gives her three biggest pieces of advice for those considering taking the 12-week course. "Part of me expected that some strange magic would come of The Artist’s Way – a creative breakthrough, a major epiphany, a finished work – but I realized that the course is only meant to lay a foundation," she says. "It’s up to us, as readers, from this point forward to execute the design of our creative lives."

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13. 05. 2015
Source image via NASA

The Dance of Discovering Yourself

In her 12th reflection of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way course, writer and actress Jessica Jones shares her experience with synchronicity during her time with the book. "I’ve found that each week’s lesson serendipitously intersects with whatever is going on in my life at that particular moment," she says. It's encouraged her to take a leap of faith and put herself and her art out there. "The outcome, quite frankly, is none of our business. Our business is to do the work. That, in itself, is our reward."

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06. 05. 2015

Getting Out of Our Own Way

"There are many choices in life and we each have our own path," Jessica Jones says in her 11th reflection of The Artist's Way 12-week course. "Some people are happy as clams living an art-free life. And there are others I see every day who are still trapped in this soul-numbing place where they don’t feel free to really be who they are meant to be – or at least, able to accept all facets of who they are."

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01. 05. 2015
Self-portrait by Sarah Catface

Sarah Catface / Illustrator, Artist

Sarah MG pulls her inspiration from everyday life, her beautiful friends and the women who inspire her. The Denver, Colorado-based artist's characters are intriguing and sensual. Aloof, in their own worlds. The third eye is a common theme among these voluptuous creatures, possibly because they see beyond the physical world. They’re living life to the beat of their own drum: sleeping in, dancing solo, lost in existential contemplation, wondering how to get back to the cosmos.

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29. 04. 2015

The Language of Loving Yourself

"If enthusiasm is a loving surrender to the creative process, then discipline is the rigidity that prevents that flow from occurring," creative Jessica Jones says in her review of Week 9 of 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron. "Remember, art – the process of creating – is supposed to be fun." Treat work as play. Color outside of the lines. Love yourself. "The rest will follow," Jones says.

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27. 04. 2015
Illustrator and Graphic Designer Rachel Frankel

Rachel Frankel / Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Sometimes when you’re pushed to the edge, the only thing you can do is take the plunge. And that’s exactly what Oakland-based artist Rachel Frankel did after a frustrating stint at an ad agency. She saved some money, quit her day job, and studied Graphic Design on her own. A year later, she’s making a living doing what she loves.

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22. 04. 2015

The Beauty of Being in the Moment

"Things change," says artist Jessica Jones in her 9th installment of reflecting on The Artist's Way course. "It doesn’t do any good to try to control anything. Instead, take little steps, feel the flow of the process of creating." When you learn to experience life in the moment, the future doesn't seem so scary.

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20. 04. 2015
Photo via Shutterstock

Why the Sharing Economy Matters

The sharing economy is still in its beginning stages, but it's already transforming the way we work and consume. "In the creative community we are built on coming up with new ways to do things;" says writer Richie Zamora, "to use our own abilities to our advantage while shaping the world around us." These collaborative platforms are allowing creatives to use more of their assets and pull in extra income, which is why the sharing economy is so important.

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15. 04. 2015

The Myth of Perfection

In Jessica Jones' 8th installment of her reflections of taking the 12-week Artist's Way course, she realizes that "Once we lose the notion that everything we create must be 'perfect,' we begin taking risks." In fact, striving for perfection holds you back.

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