09. 12. 2015
AHC Mural

Community Highlight / AHC Oakland

Every now and then we come across organizations that really move and inspire us. One of them is the Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC), based in Oakland. AHC encourages individuals to use self-healing tools, practices and concepts to transform their lives and make positive choices to break the cycle of violence for themselves and their communities.

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26. 08. 2015
Nadia Duvall, artista e cientista. Projecto "Skin" com tintas que se transformam em membrana. Fevereiro 2011 Foto: Jose Carlos Carvalho

Nádia Duvall / Artist

Experimental artist Nádia Duvall’s work is eerie and other-worldly. She combines her love of science and abstract artistic expression in mesmerizing performances involving a pool of water and a buoyant chemical concoction of ink she developed called “skin”. In this feature, she talks about forging a path of her own, her unique process, and her evolution as an artist.

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06. 08. 2015

Quentin “Shplinton” Thomas / Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Los Angeles-based artist Quentin Thomas talks about working in different spaces, putting in the time to work on your craft, and moving your abilities forward. He says, "The time is there if you want it to be."

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27. 07. 2015

Read Now: The Artist’s Way at Work

If you’re a creative with a full-time job and want to get back that special spark, I recommend reading The Artist’s Way at Work and doing the assignments to guide you through your creative emergence.

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13. 07. 2015

Irene Carvajal / Artist

Much of Irene Carvajal’s work encourages deeper inspection of everyday items like clothing. The pieces call out the sociopolitical, cultural and economic side of manufactured goods. In this feature, she talks about her process, challenges, and the importance of resilience.

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06. 07. 2015

Tanna Tucker / Artist, Illustrator

San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Tanna Tucker’s characters resemble bad-ass legendary heroines from fantastical worlds. Tucker’s pieces combine her interests in folklore, African diaspora, and race and gender representation in art and comics. She talks about the importance of online art communities, developing deep technical skills, and taking breaks outdoors.

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27. 05. 2015

The Stream of Surrender: An Artist’s Way Epilogue

In Jessica Jones' last installment of reflecting on her journey with Julia Cameron's The Artist Way course, she gives her three biggest pieces of advice for those considering taking the 12-week course. "Part of me expected that some strange magic would come of The Artist’s Way – a creative breakthrough, a major epiphany, a finished work – but I realized that the course is only meant to lay a foundation," she says. "It’s up to us, as readers, from this point forward to execute the design of our creative lives."

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13. 05. 2015

The Dance of Discovering Yourself

In her 12th reflection of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way course, writer and actress Jessica Jones shares her experience with synchronicity during her time with the book. "I’ve found that each week’s lesson serendipitously intersects with whatever is going on in my life at that particular moment," she says. It's encouraged her to take a leap of faith and put herself and her art out there. "The outcome, quite frankly, is none of our business. Our business is to do the work. That, in itself, is our reward."

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06. 05. 2015

Getting Out of Our Own Way

"There are many choices in life and we each have our own path," Jessica Jones says in her 11th reflection of The Artist's Way 12-week course. "Some people are happy as clams living an art-free life. And there are others I see every day who are still trapped in this soul-numbing place where they don’t feel free to really be who they are meant to be – or at least, able to accept all facets of who they are."

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