16. 01. 2015

6 Affordable Educational Sites for Creatives

If you’re like most curious people, learning doesn’t stop when you’re out of school. As long as you know what you’re looking for, you can learn anything at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. If you haven't tried them yet, check out these great educational websites where creatives can learn for free or on a budget.

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18. 11. 2014
Mariel Bayona

Mariel Bayona / Traditional Artist

San Francisco-based artist Mariel Bayona grew up in between the border of Juárez and El Paso, right in the middle of Mexican and American cultures. She never felt like she belonged in either space, and this in-betweenness would determine her latest work: massive pen and ink drawings of hybrid monsters.

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30. 10. 2014
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

7 Art docs that kick creative block

There’s no doubt that artists inspire other artists. It’s a beautiful chain reaction that keeps the world spinning. So whenever I hit a creative block, I seek help from my fellow art makers. Below are seven art documentaries that may help kick your creative block. So get the popcorn and art supplies out and get ready to be inspired!

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17. 09. 2014
Nicole Rosano

Nicole Rosano / Entrepreneur

Jewelry maker Nicole Rosano invents a whimsical narrative for each collection, letting the storyline guide her designs. Her mystical pieces are inspired by her southwestern surroundings: local gem and thrift shops, vintage Native American turquoise jewelry, and especially natural wonders such as the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and nearby mountainsides.

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31. 08. 2014
Photo by Alisa Damaso

Back to Basics 1: Photography

KC thought it would be fun to do a Back-to-Basics series of different media for those creatives who want to try something different every now and then. Our first post touches on using the Elements and Principles of Design in photography. Grab your camera and try these exercises!

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31. 07. 2014
Photo by Alisa Damaso

Top 5 Tips for Newbie Freelancers

While forging a career path from scratch is a noble pursuit, it’s not without its struggles. However, the pros still outweigh the cons. Freelance writer Jessica Jones shares her five top tips for new freelancers.

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21. 05. 2014
Julia Friedman (center) with Artists Kara Maria (L) and Gisela Insuaste (R). Photo by Jasmine Boloorian

Killer Community / ExchangeWorks

ExchangeWorks provides a community for artists and the public to trade art and resources to help each other further their creative practices – original art in exchange for professional services, equipment, housing accommodations, project support, and more.

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09. 12. 2013
Tamara Hadeed. Photo by Carmen Graterol

Q&A: Tamara Hadeed / Illustrator

Caracas, Venezuela-based freelancer Tamara Hadeed is a self-taught illustrator with a background in digital design and a knack for creating fun and sexy feminine characters. Her work was recently featured on a major Venezuelan soda product by Coca-Cola.

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21. 10. 2013
Phonebloks open

Phonebloks could be your next phone

Designer Dave Hakkens addresses the problem of wasteful technology with this personalized modular phone.

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